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VNHA owns and operates 136 NYS Public Housing Units and acts as Property Manager for Leonard Cooke Pine Street Homes Apartments.  

VNHA was established by New York State Public Housing Law (§469) in March 1960, to construct and operate NYS rental housing for low income residents of the Village of Nyack. In 1964, 82 units at Waldron Terrace were built and 48 at the Depew Manor senior site. In 2004, through state modernization funding VNHA converted existing 5 bedroom units into 3 two bedroom units and 9 one bedroom units, which provided the VNHA with an additional 12 units. VNHA’s housing operations are funded by rents received from tenants that reside on site.


VNHA is New York State Public Housing.  VNHA is a public housing authority and is a separate political entity, a municipal corporation in a sense. 


Our agency works continuously to provide and increase opportunities for affordable, decent, and safe housing opportunities for the residents of the Village of Nyack and surrounding areas. Other programs and housing units that we administer and manage complements our public housing efforts and addresses the needs of extremely, very and low income residents by enabling them to move into or remain in place in decent affordable housing in the private sector. VNHA is committed to operating in an efficient, ethical, professional and businesses like manner for the benefit of the tenants and the longevity of the housing authority. VNHA must operate within the NYS Code of Rules and Regulations for NYS public housing, NYS Public Housing Law, HUD rules and regulations for the Section 8 program, and VNHA housing authority policy.

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