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Section 8 Administrative Plan

Section 8 Administrative Plan This Administrative Plan serves as the operational handbook for which the Village of Nyack Housing Authority will use to implement the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. This plan was developed to ensure compliance with all requirements set forth in 24 CFR §982.54








 VNHA administers 236 HUD Section 8 Housing Vouchers. These vouchers currently consist of 18 enhanced vouchers, 28 project based vouchers and 188 tenant based vouchers. Enhanced vouchers are available to subsidize rents for tenants facing opt-out or prepayment, but only upon occurrence of a specified "eligibility event." We currently administer enhanced vouchers for some of the Tallman Towers tenants. Though these enhanced vouchers originated at Tallman Towers, they are tenant based vouchers which convert to regular vouchers when the voucher holder (tenant) moves out of Tallman Towers or their voucher terminates for some reason. Project based vouchers are a component of the housing choice voucher program that allows public housing agencies (PHAs) to attach 20% of their voucher assistance to specific housing units if the owner meets certain criterias, Leonard Cooke Pine Street Homes utilizes our 28 project based vouchers. Tenant based vouchers are vouchers awarded to families and individuals to provide a rental subsidy, as long as the unit that they have chosen meets HUD regulations and the landlord agrees to accept a housing assistance payment (HAP) contract. Through the administration of the HUD section 8 program VNHA earns administrative fees which fund all section 8 program operations. In addition, VNHA receives a monthly disbursement from HUD to pay HAP (subsidies) to landlords on behalf of our section 8 voucher holders.




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