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Thank you for your interest in our programs and visiting our website. 

The cost of housing in Nyack and the rest of Rockland County is very expensive and creates overwhelming challenges for low income, very low income and extremely low income families when trying to find decent and affordable housing.  It is the overall mission of The Village of Nyack Housing Authority (NHA) to continuously work to provide and increase opportunities for affordable, decent, and safe housing opportunities for the residents of the Village of Nyack and surrounding areas.  Our NYS Public Housing and Section 8 Housing Voucher Program complements other Village Housing efforts and helps to address the needs of extremely, very and low income residents by enabling them to remain in place in decent affordable housing in the private sector or move into affordable housing. 

It is also our goal to achieve excellence in all of our efforts to encourage those that we serve, as well as, provide and assure the viability of decent affordable housing to those in need in the Village of Nyack and surrounding areas. 

Carl L. Washington, III Executive Director
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